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Work From Home

No need to come to the office because we don't currently have one! Working from home is and should be the new normal.

Experienced Team

We are a knowledgeable and diverse team. Most of the team at ErskineTech have worked together on various projects for fifteen years.

Company Nights Out

We think regular staff nights out are good for the team. NHS Scotland says employers should not encourage drinking so we get the the pub.

Flexi Working

Flexible working hours are possible with ErskineTech as we work 24/7 for our customers. As such we can work round your needs.

Feedback Welcome

We hire you for your skills so it would be crazy not to listen to your ideas! Sadly that's an all too familiar story. Not at ErskineTech.


You could get to see Fort William at 6 am on a Monday morning. Just think of the possibilities!

Open Positions
Currently No Open Positions Please Check Back Later